2016 Restorations

In 2016, the four church buildings of All Saints Parish underwent extensive interior restorations, as well as necessary structural and exterior maintenance work. The work at all four campuses was completed in a short six month period; in most cases, the work was performed by the parishioner volunteers. Each campus was closed, on average, for eight weeks of work. The work began around 6am and often lasted until 9 or 10pm. Thousands of volunteer hours were needed to accomplish this task and the people of All Saints responded generously. Gifts included: painting, statue repair and painting, carpentry, sewing, electrical work, plumbing, wood working, stenciling, tiling, carpeting, cleaning, gilding, and much more. The entire project was funded through historic savings and the generosity of the parishioners. The entire cost of the project was $500,000. The parish grew together through these efforts and glorified God by creating fitting places of worship and preserving our unique historical tradition at All Saints Parish- We are one!

These restorations were featured in the News section of the "Indiana Landmarks" website. View article here

Please take a brief history and guided tour of each of our church buildings, and enjoy the before and after photos below:

St. John the Baptist Church - A Guided Tour

St. Joseph Church - A Guided Tour

St. Martin Church - A Guided Tour

St. Paul Church - A Guided Tour

Before and After Photos (click to enlarge)